Nike SB Dunk Low Philadelphia Phillies


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Nike SB Dunk LowPhiladelphia Phillies

All of our sneakers are purchased from authentic original shoes and made with 1:1 mold opening, with exactly the same material. We hired engineers from Nike’s official foundry factory (LN4 foundry) with high salaries to focus on product development and not miss any details.

Purchasing Manager is also a master who has been in the shoe industry for many years and has the ability to purchase various materials

The assembly line workers are master craftsmen with decades of experience in shoemaking

Factory quality inspectors conduct quality inspections in strict accordance with international standards, and unqualified products will be destroyed


1. Exclusive original original box mold opening
2. The original woven label is consistent with the original
3. The development of the original last and raw cardboard matches the original version by more than 99%
4. Exclusive presentation of the heel pad cotton, the curvature of the back of the heel is correct
5. Brand-new heel electric embroidery, the number of electric embroidery stitches is the same as that of the original product
6. The texture of the original leather is invincible

The ebay x Nike SB Dunk Low, which was sold at a high price, will appear again this year to commemorate the late Nike SB director Sandy Bodecker. The eBay x Nike SB Dunk Low, one of the rarest joint sneakers of all time, is returning in a new style that pays homage to the original. The new shoe returns in the same color scheme as the original, featuring a white base with eBay’s signature red, yellow, blue and green overlays, which will feature stripes on the sole and side panels in nod to the original eBay Dunk Low Pay tribute to the cutting position of the sample; in addition, the SB brand logo will be used on the heel position of the shoes to replace the eBay logo of the joint shoes.

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Nike SB Dunk Low Philadelphia Phillies

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